Refresh Studio

The day I set my eyes on one of the lamps made by Rabi of Refresh Studio, I knew I had to meet him and see more of his creations...

My first reaction was "Is that lamp base made of stone?" then looking at it closely I realised it was as light as a feather. It was Paper Mache!
Rabi makes eco-friendly, paper mache lamps, artistic vases, containers, boxes out of old newspapers.

For his lampshades he uses dried pressed flowers, leaves and ferns that add such delicate beauty to the lamps.
Love this vase!
A collection of vases in various shapes.

Another lovely creation by Rabi.
Details on the lampshade.

Rabi spends a lot of time creating each of these lovely products, since paper mache takes a while to dry after being moulded.

He does take custom orders and can be reached at

( Images by Arch)

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