A Guest post for Dvara Magazine.

Over the Thanksgiving break here in the U.S. last November we visited Turkey.
Cappadocia in the Anatolia region and Istanbul or Constantinople were our destinations.

Each place incredible in it's own way. Each requiring a post to convey the natural as well as historic beauty of it's region but today I am doing a fun post about an interesting topic of Ornate Turkish Taps.
Yes, taps or faucets:-)

While shooting during our travel, I came across many intricately patterned taps. Intrigued I shot a couple of pictures and got online to do a little bit of research about these taps.

…now hop on to Dvara Magazine's blog to read the whole post as I Guest post on their blog to join them in celebrating one whole year of the magazine.

Rang Decor readers will remember the first ever giveaway with Dvara Magazine.

See you there!

( Images by Arch and are copyrighted)

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