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What is Rang Style?
Earlier this year I shared with all the blog readers that Rang Decor is evolving to encompass all the wonderful designs related to fashion, textiles, jewelry and more.

Today on the inaugural post I am sharing with you all an accessory brand that creates bags distinguished by color, craftsmanship and signature charms.

Pure Ghee Designs.

The vibrant colors, the attention to details on every aspect of their product and inherently Indian in design sensibility caught my attention.

Pure Ghee Design is the creation of Aditi Prakash who is a sculptor and industrial design post graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad one of the top design schools in the world.

Keya Mini Sling Bag

Aditi's  work is deeply inspired by the  rich colors and textiles of India. She started Pure Ghee Designs in 2010.

Red Suvi Bag

The name Pure Ghee came about when one of her craftsperson presented her with a dabba ( tin container) of homemade pure ghee or clarified butter. It was the best gift he could think of, it was handmade, it signified quality and a taste that had no substitute.

Multicolored Gajra Hair accessory

Potli from the Raat Rani Collection

Red Quilted Shopping Bag

When I wrote to Aditi about doing a post on Pure Ghee Designs, she suggested a creative collaboration. I loved her enthusiasm and decided to visualize, style & shoot with some of the wonderful Pure Ghee Design products.

So presenting visuals & words.

Scene I 

Damini~ Ma, I am wearing the brocade half sari with deep pink tiny floral prints today, can I borrow your tie-up high heel sandals please?

Tara, looking up from pleating the soft silk sari between her fingers, 'Sure go ahead. Are you braiding your hair? 

Yep. Why?

I completely forgot to order fresh Jasmine flowers yesterday. It would have looked great with the braids.

Damini smiling  ~No worries Ma. Look!

Tara's face lit up with admiration as she looked at her daughter.

Fuchsia Gajra

Scene II

Ironing her crimson silk blouse on her bed, Kavita's thoughts meandered to Delhi. She remembered fondly her best friends wedding with an early morning Muhurtham. She had worn the same sari on a cold winter morning and made heads turn.

She peeped out from her Michigan home window, the sun had finally come out after a week of snow.

Kavita looked at the Gajra Potli draped on her chair and smiled. She was going to recreate that same magical entrance but in a new place.

Gold Leaf Gajra Potli

Scene III

Kia looked at her watch, 4.06 pm. Where did all the time go?

Completely engrossed in numbers and graphs on her presentation.

Thankfully a big batch of soup was simmering on the stove. Ah! Dinner taken care of.

Ting Tong the doorbell chimes.

How was your day sweetie ?

Mom, the soccer practice starts at 4.30p.m. today replied Maya

Are you kidding me? It's 4.10 pm already!
Maya, go get your snack from the kitchen, let me grab my bag & the keys! We are out in 5.

Keya Sling Bag.

To know more about the Pure Ghee Story, do watch the video below where Aditi talks about how it all began 7 years ago.

Pure Ghee Design Studio is based out of Ayanagar, a suburban village in South Delhi. Aditi believes in creating sustainable livelihood for the women and youth in the local area.

Aditi in her studio

Pure Ghee Design's Signature Charm

Please Wait...

Aditi with her team of women & young artisans

Hope all of you liked the new feature Rang Style and the wonderful brand Pure Ghee Designs.

You can check out the beautifully crafted products at 

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( Images & Video by Pure Ghee Designs. Visualization, styling & shoot by Archana Srinivas in creative collaboration with Pure Ghee Designs. The images are copyrighted. Please do not use without permission)

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Tanya Jawab Google Ansense - Yang Belum di Uproved Google Adsense Merapat
Tanya Jawab Google Ansense - Yang Belum di Uproved Google Adsense Merapat
Sebagai seorang bloger atau web, sudah tentu anda akan mendapatkan gajian perbulan yang banyak. Sudah tentu gaji itu didapatkan jika anda mendaftarkan bog atau web anda di adsense karena adsense merupakan penyedian dolar yang terpopuler.

Memang banyak penyediaan gaji selain adsense, namun sampai saat ini saya pastikan bahwa saya tentu akan menggunakan terus penyediaan gajian dari adsense.

Google adsense memang bukan hal yang gampang atau mudah seperti membalikkan tangan anda dari terbuka menjadi tertutup. Setiap tahun pasti adsense memberikan masukan perubahan demi mengatasi kedamaiaan bagi blog maupun web.

Tak ada banyak berbicara, sayapun memberikan tanya jawab seputar adsense yang di inginkan supaya tak ada yang menghalalkan gajiaannya secara tidak halal. Berikut ini adalah tanya jawab seputar adsense terupdate:

Tanya : Berapa jumlah artikel untuk diterima google adsense ?
Jawab : Tidak ada jumlah minimal, mungkin yang bisa dipertimbangkan adalah bagi jumlah artikel kurang dari 20 lebih baik jumlah kata lebih dari 1000. Bagi artikel kurang 20 dan jumlah kata kurang dari 1000 usahakan memiliki visitor organik 100 hingga 500, (artikel ori yah).

Tanya : Tema yang cocok untuk google adsense ?
Jawab : Bagi saya bebas sih, yang perlu dipertimbangkan yah struktur tema, silahkan cek struktur data di google. Usahakan valid jangan sampe error.

Tanya : Apakah harus ada about, sitemap, privacy policy, disclaimer dan lain-lain?
Jawab : Inipun juga tidak mesti menurut saya, karena banyak juga yang ditermia google adsense tanpa menu tersebut, tapi karena tidak ada salahnya maka lebih baik menu tersebut dibuat saja.

Tanya : Bagaimana kalau udah banyak artikel, tema, bagus valid data terstruktur, menu navigasi baik dan lain-lain tetapi tetap ditolak?
Jawab : Kalau ditolak dan tertulis penolakannya apa ? Kalian bisa sadar sendiri, tetapi sedikit penjawabaran yang paling sering terjadi:
Permasalahan navigasi : Jika sudah ada navigasi, tetapi tetap ditolak, pada menu disclaimer, privacy policy anda bisa ubah dan menghilangkan segala link eksternal, saran yang paling bagus adalah mengetik atau buat sendiri agar lebih rapi.
Permasalahan template :  Biasanya kalau templatenya udah bagus perbaikin aja yang lain yang menurut anda itu bermasalah, jangan terlalu fokus karna itu yang nilai bot bisa jadi tidak akurat, (pengalaman pribadi saya).
Permasalahan konten :  Biasanya yang sudah banyak konten, kalau artikel udah bagus dan menurut anda sudah original, perhatikan sumber gambar, link eksternal (terutama ada link download), tidak usah di hapus, anda bisa edit aja link jadi text, tapi saya sarankan untuk diarsipkan saja semua yang menurut anda bermasalah.
Konten tidak memadai : Padahal konten sudah banyak ? Abaiakan saja kalau sudah banyak cari yang lain yang menurut anda bermasalah biasa bot yang nilai.
Tapi kalau memang anda merasa belum memadai, saran saya artikel yah minimal 300 sampai 500 kata, (visitor harus udah ada kalau segini saja) atau 1000 hinga 200 kata (visitor tidak penting).

Tanya : Penolakan tanpa keterangan aneh ..
Jawab : Ini pejuang adsense biasanya tanpa keterangan karena udah beberapa kali ditolak, google udah bosan mengingatkan, tetap ngotot sih, hahaha tapi tenang, jangan buru-buru tambahin banyak artikel, ingat penolkan terakhir apan, tetapi kalau mau di ulang lagi sini kukasi tau anda:
Perbaiki template, (widged struktur data, menu navigasi)
Privacy dan disclaimer , tidak usah copas dari generate, buat saja sendiri cari web blog yang udah punya disclaimer sendiri dan privacy policy sendiri, biasanya adah rapi mending kopas itu kalau males.
Arsipkan semua artikel yang menurut anda bermasalah, dari konten kopas, ada link eksternal (ubah jadi text dulu, kalau tidak maka arsipkan saja), link download, gambar copyright, cari lah  pokoknya.

Tanya : Masih ditolak  juga
Jawab : Komen saja ditolak karena apa, siapa tau temen-teman bisa menjawab.
disclaimer, segala tulisan tidak selalu tepat, manjur dan dijadikan patokan kebenaran.

Sampai disini dulu ya artikel dalam penjelasan saya, semoga bermanfaat.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

The Sonthaliya Gate, Mandawa.

When we decided on our winter vacation destination as Rajasthan, we immediately knew it had to be in the lesser explored regions of Shekhawati. Shekhawati region is known for their heritage Havelis.

Haveli- Is a huge private mansion in India or Pakistan.

The Rajasthani havelis were constructed by the wealthy Marwari community in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan in the 19th century. A haveli typically has two courtyards one for the men and the inner one for the women, the walls were adorned with beautiful colourful frescoes painted by commissioned artists.

The themes were usually images of Gods, Goddesses & animals.

Mandawa, Ramgarh, Fatehpur are dusty little towns in the Shekhawati area that have many old havelis, which in their glorious days would have been a treat to the eyes, but even today have not lost their timeless beauty.

The huge old havelis in Mandawa.

A handful of these havelis are being restored and given a new lease of life by private organizations, historians & architects. Some of them have been converted into heritage hotels.

Nadine Le Prince is a french artist whose love for Indian cultural heritage has inspired her to restore a haveli built in 1802 by a rich tradesman of the silk road.

Beautifully restored courtyard at Nadine Le Prince Haveli Cultural Centre, Fatehpur.

Ramgarh Fresco, a restored haveli, earlier known as the Khemka Haveli is 100-years old and has been renovated by the Khandelwal family who wanted to showcase the beauty of the frescos and the architecture to the visitors.
Amazing hand-painted frescos at Hotel Ramgarh Fresco
We had a lovely thali lunch here:-)
The traditional haveli courtyard.

In my next post, will showcase another restored haveli~ A lovely place where we stayed, soaked in the winter sun and listened to the folk music of the desert...:-)

( Images by Arch)
Home & Design - Mpls.St.Paul Magazine a very popular local design magazine did a beautiful feature on our home, my pottery work and blog on their September 2018 Issue.

Please Wait...

It was a great experience working with Kelly Kegans, the wonderful Editor and Caitlin Abrams, their talented Staff Photographer.

Loved the beautiful Pause to Connect introduction to our feature by Kelly!

Absolutely loved the fact that a Midwest Design Magazine appreciates diversity in design and style and is inclusive of such features.

It has been five wonderful years of pursuing my love for clay and 2018 marked the year when I took a leap of faith and decided to sell my pottery work at Minneapolis Craft Market ~ A vibrant creative community.

 Ceramic necklaces

Archana Srinivas Pottery did sell on ETSY before but for craft fairs one needs to build an inventory of pots. The latter half of the year saw me throwing pots, loads of them:-)

Carved Stoneware Mugs.

Archana Srinivas Pottery Stall at the Linden Hills Holiday Market

A dream did come true that day. A potter’s dream that took five years and how rewarding. So grateful for all the wonderful, talented, warm hearted individuals whose paths were meant to cross mine. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who supported me in this journey.

Please Wait...

One very important person, Mr. Husband who is my biggest supporter, who helps me follow my 'Ikigai' Thank you!

Sending out loads of love and gratitude into the universe. Dream on.... they do come true!

( Images by Arch)
Thank you Harish Krishnan and his team at BlogAdda.com { the largest community of Indian bloggers } for the interview about Rang Decor.

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